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FINAL Env. Report MARCH 2012

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Thomas Low Generating Station Waterpower Project, Bonnechere River                                            Renfrew Power Generation Inc.

Redevelopment of the Existing Hydroelectric Generating Facilities in Renfrew Ontario


Renfrew Power Generation Inc. (RPG) is proposing to construct a hydroelectric generating station adjacent to its existing Lower Plant, located on the Bonnechere River in the Town of Renfrew. The proposed generating station will have an installed capacity of approximately 4 MW with an annual average energy generation of 16.6 GWh. RPG has tentatively named the development the “Thomas Low Generating Station” (GS) for the original builder of the Lower Plant.

The project is subject to the Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) for Waterpower Projects and is categorized as a project associated with existing infrastructure. The project is also subject to a federal screening under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.

The proposed project has been reviewed in a process consistent with the Class EA. The results of this review are described in the Thomas Low GS Environmental Report (ER) which has been prepared to meet the environmental screening process requirements prescribed under O. Reg. 116/01 - Electricity Projects under the Environmental Assessment Act.

The ER assesses the potential effects of the development on the environment during its construction, operation and maintenance and decommissioning. Mitigation measures are provided to avoid or minimize adverse environmental effects of the project. The measures identifed were prepared from standards, guidelines, best practices, and from agency consultation. It is the conclusion of the environmental assessment that the planned undertaking will result in no signifcant adverse effects to the environment.

The ER may also be viewed electronically at www.wesa.ca.

Mr. Peter Boldt
Renfrew Power Generation
32 Bridge Avenue West
Renfrew, ON
K7V 3R2
(613) 433-3715

Ms. Tami Sugarman
OEL-HydroSys Inc. (WESA)
3108 Carp Road
P.O. Box 430
Carp, ON
K0A 1L0T
(613) 839-1453 ext. 229

Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Environmental Assessment Act, unless otherwise stated in the submission, any personal information such as name, address, telephone number and property location included in a submission will become part of the public record files for this matter and will be released, if requested, to any person.



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First Chute
Renfrew Power Generation Inc. (RPG) is considering developing the hydroelectric potential of the First Chute on the Bonnechere River.
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