RPG_Logo_125HlWho owns Renfrew Power Generation (RPG) and what is its relationship with the Town of Renfrew?

  • RPG was formed in 2000 as a result of Bill 35, the Green Energy Act. Ontario’s decision to create a competitive electricity market required municipally-owned facilities such as Renfrew Hydro-Electric Commission to separate the generation function from the distribution function and form two new for-profit companies: RPG, and Renfrew Hydro Inc.
  • The Corporation of the Town of Renfrew is the sole shareholder of RPG, owning 100% of the shares.
  • RPG’s value was split into: 50% debt and 50% equity. As the shareholder, The Corporation of the Town holds the debt in the form of a promissory note, and the equity shares. RPG pays interest on the debt at a rate of 7.25% annually to the Town.
  • RPG currently provides an interest payment of $67,000 to the Town of Renfrew.
  • RPG’s five-member Board of Directors oversees the management of RPG.
  • The Board reports to its sole shareholder, the Corporation of the Town of Renfrew. Council of the Town of Renfrew is the proxy shareholder.
  • RPG Directors are recommended by the Board and are appointed annually by the shareholder’s proxy shareholder, Renfrew Town Council.
  • Day-to-day operations are managed by an onsite staff.
  • RPG—a for-profit company—owns and operates three power generating plants with two dams in Renfrew, and three control dams on Round Lake, Golden Lake, and Lake Clear. They are all part of the Bonnechere River system.
  • RPG’s assets are valued at $27,796,358.86.
  • RPG will repay its $24.7 million loan required to construct the Thomas Low Generating Station and repair the Upper Dam with revenues generated by the new long-term contract with the Independent Electricity System Operator. RPG’s bylaws require the Corporation of the Town to act as guarantor of the loan. The term of the loan is 20 years.
  • An annual dividend payment to the Town is paid every year.

RPG Organization Chart

What do the RPG Board of Directors do?

The Board of Directors are responsible for overseeing the management of RPG and is guided by several key objectives:

  • RPG makes sure there is enough water upstream to supply the Town of Renfrew’s water treatment plant, and downstream for the sewage treatment plant
  • As a for-profit entity, to produce and sell clean, reliable hydroelectricity
  • To maintain the Bonnechere River by adhering to the Bonnechere River Water Management Plan
  • To maintain reliability by managing and making investments in this valuable community asset
  • To be an effective partner of the Town of Renfrew, the sole shareholder by providing reasonable long-term dividends to support municipal services and programs
  • To create a more sustainable energy future
  • To be a good corporate citizen

What does RPG do?

  • RPG’s core responsibility is to generate and sell power with minimal impact on the environment—the new Thomas Low Generating Station (TLGS) which has undergone a rigorous environmental assessment can generate four megawatts (4MW) of power continuously at full capacity. The power generated is distributed to residents of Renfrew by Renfrew Hydro Inc.
  • Like all other generating stations connected to the provincial power grid, contract rates for the electrical power RPG generates are set by the Independent Electricity System Operator, and then purchased by the Province of Ontario.

How does RPG affect everyday living in the community?

  • Apart from generating power, RPG plays a critical role in everyday living along the shores of the Bonnechere River from Round Lake to Castleford. RPG contributes to public safety by closely monitoring water and adjusting water levels and flows. This proves to be a challenge when dealing with the unpredictability of Mother Nature.
  • Water levels and flows are posted on RPG’s website: renfrewpg.ca for anyone to see. If you are planning an activity on the Bonnechere or one of the tributary lakes, check out the weekly reports.
  • By keeping an eye on levels and flows, RPG makes sure there is continuous, uninterrupted supply of water to protect everything from the supply of drinking water, human health, safety and property, ecological and fish and wildlife habitat, and industrial, agricultural and tourism and recreational activities, to the extent possible. RPG ensures:
    • The Town of Renfrew’s water treatment plant which draws water upstream of the dams at Renfrew always has a sufficient supply of water at the intake
    • Flows are sufficient to dilute treated wastewater released to the river from the Town of Renfrew’s wastewater plant located downstream of these dams
    • Water is available for fire fighting
    • Flows support fish habitat and the overall health of the ecosystems

In managing flows and levels, RGP plays a role in:

  • Reducing property owners’ risk of seasonal flooding during the spring freshets (high volumes of water) and in heavy periods of rainfall without which large scale flooding could occur
  • Sustaining the reputation of the Bonnechere as a haven for camping, fishing, boating, kayaking, snowmobiling, and other activities including ecotoursim, except near dams and generating stations because of unpredictable water and ice conditions
  • Maintaining water levels for safe, summer recreational water uses for property owners and cottagers on Round Lake, Golden Lake, and Clear Lake

RPG is legally required to meet water flows and levels determined and specified in the Bonnechere River Water Management Plan. In addition, RPG can draw on more than 44 years of historical data it has kept.

What’s the significance of our logo?


  • The colours in RPG’s logo are rooted in the First Nations culture: yellow for the sun, green for the environment, and blue for water—and a reminder of the bond shared with the earth—that is Ginawaydaganuc—we are all connected with nature and each other.
  • Ray Westgarth, a member of the RPG Board of Directors when the logo was being created, recommended the use of the three colours.