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Sandbag Suppliers-2017-02-17

Water levels charts will now be updated daily during Freshet.  Please scroll down to select the appropriate chart for your area.

Information below will describe in centimeters the amount lake levels have risen or dropped based on the previous days average data with exception to Lake Clear which is average for the past week.

RPG would like to remind property owners with low lying areas to consider protecting those areas from any possible high water conditions during the Freshet.

Round Lake:

Levels are declining.   Any rain will effect this.

1 log removed  April 18th.

1 log removed on Feb 28th.

Round Lake levels have exceeded both the Upper Limit and the L. of Occ. on April 13.  High inflows from heavy snow melt and substantial precipitation.

April 24- April 30

Thurs drop 6cm, Wed drop 4cm, Tues drop 4cm, Mon drop 4cm

April 17 – April 23

Sun drop 3cm, Sat 0cm, Fri rise 1cm, Thurs. rise 2cm, Wed rise 4cm, Tues rise 10cm, Mon rise 12cm

April 10 – April 16

Sun rise 10cm, Sat rise 12cm, Fri rise 12cm, Thurs rise 18cm, Wed rise 22cm, Tues rise 15cm, Mon rise 7cm

April 5- April 9

Sun rise 8cm, Sat rise 7cm, Fri rise 12cm, Thurs rise 8cm, Wed. rise 5cm


Golden Lake:

Levels are declining.  Any rain will effect this.

Last of the logs were removed Dec. 5, 2016.  The dam is currently empty of stop logs.  Levels increased with warm weather system the start of March.  The Golden lake outlet has a natural restriction which has a direct effect on how efficiently the lake/system drains.

Golden Lake levels have exceeded the L of Occ. and Upper Limit set at the same level in the BRWMP as of April 8,2017.

April 24-April 30

Thurs drop 1cm, 2.4mm rain, Wed drop 1cm, Tues drop 1cm 2mm rain, Mon 0cm

April 17- April 23

Sun rise 2cm, Sat rise 2cm, Fri rise 4cm 6.6mm rain, Thurs rise 4cm 1.8mm rain, Wed rise 5cm, Tues rise 8cm, Mon rise 8cm

April 10 – April 16

Sun rise 6cm 16.8 rain, Sat rise 5cm 11mm rain, Fri rise 4cm, Thurs rise 5cm, Wed rise 8cm, Tues rise 10 cm 13.4mm rain, Mon rise 1cm 2.4 mm rain

April 5- April 9

Sun rise 5cm, Sat rise 6cm, Fri rise 8cm 16.4mm precip., Thurs rise 4cm 17.6 mm rain, Wed. rise 6cm, 19.6mm rain

Lake Clear:

Last of the logs were removed from the dam on Oct. 11,2016. The dam is currently empty of stop logs.  The outlet is plagued with restrictions between the RPG dam (mostly Beaver activity) and the outlet of the lake.  This has a direct effect on how efficiently the lake drains.

April 13- RPG  set-up for a Drone to fly the outlet of Lake Clear to  identify any obstructions.  No obstructions were found.

April 24-April30(week 17)- drop 2.5cm

April 17 – April 23(week 16)- rise 9cm

April 10 – April 16(week 15)- rise 12cm

April 3 – April 9 (week 14) – rise 4cm

  Water Levels (now updated Daily during Freshet)EPSN0037


If you have questions or comments, please contact Renfrew Power Generation.(613.433.3715)

Strong currents and undertows are extremely dangerous. Click Here for more information on safety.

High Water Emergency Contacts

Renfrew Power Generation
32 Bridge Avenue, Renfrew ON K7V 3R2
613.433.3715 (O)
613.432.9219 (F)

Shawn Cameron – Operation’s Manager

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
Pembroke District
31 Riverside Drive, Pembroke ON K8A 8R6
Kevin Briscoe                                                     Carl Thompson
IRM Technical Specialist                                  IRM Technical Specialist
613.732.5585                                                        613-732-5584
kevin.briscoe@ontario.ca                                 carl.thompson@ontario.ca

Township of Bonnechere Valley
49 Bonnechere St.E, P.O. Box 100, Eganville ON K0J 1T0
613.628.3101 (O)
613.628.1336 (F)

Steve Fiegen

Township of Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards
1 John Street, Killaloe ON K0J 2A0
613.757.2300 (O)

Janice Visneskie Moore

Susan Sheridan

Township of North Algona-Wilberforce
1019 Shaw Woods Rd, RR # 1, Eganville, ON K0J 1T0
613.628.2080 (O)

Perry Ashick
Alternate: 613.628.2080

Doug Buckwald (CEMC)

Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn

Merv Sarazin
613.625.2800 ext. 235

Round Lake Property Owners Association

Rob Norris


Golden Lake Property Owners Association
Box 99, Golden Lake ON K0J 1X0

Glenn Bingham

Lake Clear Property Owners Association
Lorne Monahan

Historical Water Levels and Flows:

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