The Swinging Bridge is now open! Thank you for your patience.


Renfrew Power Generation (RPG) extends a thank you to those who experienced delays in traffic, to our neighbours who lived with us through construction, and pedestrians who missed making the trek across the Town of Renfrew’s historic Swinging Bridge—which is now open.

You can access or exit the Swinging Bridge using the newly-constructed stairway off Mutual Avenue, or you can use Arthur Avenue. The stairway area, built by RPG, is fenced to keep you safe. Please stay within the fenced area, and obey all warning signs because getting too close to the generating stations, dams and nearby water can be very dangerous.

“Popularly known as the Swinging Bridge because it does sway when you walk on it, the Swinging Bridge was closed for the construction of the new Thomas Low Generating Station (TLGS) which also involved major repairs to the aging Upper Dam. “We closed the Swinging Bridge for the safety of pedestrians and workers,” said Bill Bowles, Chair of RPG’s Board of Directors.

“TLGS will generate more, clean, sustainable and renewable energy for citizens today and in the future, along with long-term dividends for the Town of Renfrew—RPG’s sole shareholder,” said Renfrew Mayor Don Eady.

“The new TLGS, and the repairs and rehabilitation to the Upper Dam will support increased hydroelectricity production, and as important, ensure water levels—required by the Town of Renfrew’s water treatment plant, fire protection services, and sewage treatment plant—are continuously maintained,” said Mr. Bowles. “Water flows and levels in the Bonnechere River, set out in the Bonnechere Water Management Plan, will remain unchanged.”

Conducting business safely, responsibly, and in an environmentally-friendly way are all part of RPG’s commitment as a for-profit company in Renfrew. Watch for more information about RPG’s Open House and tours on September 26th at www., and in your local newspaper.

RPG—built on tradition to power the future

For further information, contact:
Shawn Cameron, Manager
Renfrew Power Generation