rpg_thomaslow_opening-11RENFREW, ON, September 25, 2015

Renfrew Power Generation’s (RPG) new Thomas Low Generating Station, officially opened today by Ontario’s Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli, doubles RPG’s power generation capacity, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and provides long term dividends to the Town of Renfrew.

The construction of the Thomas Low Generating Station and the renewal of the Upper Dam and canal system by RPG, were made possible through Ontario’s Green Energy Initiatives, and will ensure production of clean, renewable energy for the next 50 to 70 years.

Named after the Hon. Thomas Low, the new generating station is located next to the Lower Plant and contained entirely within the existing Renfrew site. It has the capacity to produce 4 MW, doubling the capacity of the two existing plants that have been in service for more than 100 years.

“Ontario is a North American leader in renewable energy,” said Energy Minister, Bob Chiarelli. “Renfrew Power Generation and the Town of Renfrew are doing their part to help contribute by building clean, reliable and affordable power for the Ontario grid, and infrastructure that will help to improve economic development and create jobs for the region.”

“Waterpower is the electricity source upon which the original prosperity of this province was built,” said Paul Norris, President of OWA. “This development is a great example of the opportunities that exist across the province to expand the contribution of waterpower to provide economic, environmental and energy benefits for present and future generations.”

“More than 10 years in planning, the Thomas Low Generating Station represents a willingness to work with others to renew aging community assets and build a state of the art generating station that will produce hydro-electric power for years to come,” said Bill Bowles Chair of RPG. “A long-term contract with the Independent Electricity System Operator provides stable revenues which will be used to repay the $24.7 million loan incurred by RPG and endorsed by our shareholder, the Town of Renfrew.”

“Producing power is one aspect. The renewal and upgrades also allow us to continue monitoring and adjusting water levels and flows on the Bonnechere River to provide an uninterrupted supply of water to protect drinking water, reduce the risk of flooding, keep ecological systems healthy, and sustain local industrial, agricultural and tourism and recreation opportunities, to the extent possible,” said Mr. Bowles.

“Maintaining and renewing infrastructure is critical to the viability of our municipality–for residents and for business. RPG is providing benefits to the community on many levels,” said Renfrew Mayor Don Eady. “RPG has protected a valuable asset; the project created construction jobs and increased spending locally; the supply of green energy has increased; and the shareholder—the Town of Renfrew will receive long-term annual dividends.

“There have been other benefits. The construction required moving the town’s aging trunk sanitary sewer pipe and replacing it, at no cost to the Town, with a larger 24” pipe to meet current and future needs. The new entrance to our historical “Swinging Bridge” adds to this novel tourist attraction,” said Mayor Eady.

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